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. i can report to you right now, the new york city sanitation has set dump trucks and tractors that are at the end of this street picking up debris. the floodwater actually destroyed property inside the homes. take a look at this pile of garbage. refrigerators, furniture, all of this has to be dumped and take it out of here. if it sits here with the water damage, it will begin to mold. they are setting up port of parties so they can have sanitation. verizon is setting up a tower. that is a situation right now. we have been watching total strangers come by on this street offering food and water to people who live here. that is the latest from the situation here. no need to tell you they are. that's the marathon will be run did they think it should be postponed for another week. connell: thank you very much, adam. dagen: by the way, i just re- tweeted a column about why the marathon should not be run. power outages, meantime, still causing major problems. unbelievable, almost undescribable problems for drivers. take a look at this video. long lines at gas stations. not because of
to one business owner who says order is unof ravelling fast. >>> a firestorm erupt over the new york city marathon, generators, water, valuable resources are being used while countless new yorkers are still suffering. the mayor says the race will go on. i think it is crazy. a legendary marathon runner is here exclusively to disagree with me. even when they say it's not it is always about money melissa: all right. first let's take a look at the day's market headlines. better than expected october jobs report failed to lift stocks after some early gains, the major indices tumbled closing at session lows. the dow fell 139 points. shares of chesapeake energy helped drag down energy stocks. the natural gas producer reported a third quarter loss and said it is delaying scheduled asset sales. there was one bright spot though on the day for sure. that was starbucks. shares of the coffee giant soared 9%. it solid beat fiscal fourth quarter earnings estimates while raising the full-year profit outlook. look at that stock. >>> now to our top story. the dire gas shortage is a consequence of the super
distribution sites open staffed by national guard members, new york city service volunteers and by the staff of the salvation army, the distributed something like 290,000 meals in nearly half a million bottles of water yesterday via those sites reopen again today from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. open for us, saturday 1:00 until 5:00 and we will keep them open as long as they are needed. we have to come up with a long-term plan for people out of their homes for months, not able to cook and find food, and we're working on that but our first concern is to meet the immediate needs of people and hope what electricity comes back to some, the population that will really need our help will be down to it more manageable size but whatever size it is i am convinced we have the resources and the drive and the management to do so. anyone who visit visit one of o3 sites will be able to take three meals and bottles of water. people should bring their own bags to carry the food and water if at all possible. to publicize their hours and locations of these homes they've handed out thousands of flyers in english and spa
the new york city marathon to proceed just six days after the biggest and most instructive storm in the northeast in 74 years. bloomberg had said a marathon would bring new yorkers back together and was importance to the city's economy added $370 million for runners and race fans. but proceeding to new york city boroughs sunday when many of them have been declared disaster areas, homes destroyed, boardwalks missing, residents without food, power or water was a repulsive idea to some. >> no one else has been here. i have not heard from fema, the coast guard, no one. it is startling. >> very angry and fed up. what are we, is this america? i don't know. i don't know. i don't like it. we are going downhill. >> i came here four or five years ago, expected we came here for a better life, opportunity, and this is what we come from. this is ridiculous. not how its supposed to be. gerri: it wasn't just residents. take a look at the front page of "the new york post." an abuse of power, there were two generators being used for the marathon to power the media tent. a third backup generator t
" steve moore is here with all of the facts. >>> thanks but no thanks. new york city mayor bloomberg tls president obama, not to visit the big apple after the storm. i say thank goodness. but one of my guests says bloomberg is way out of bounds. he is here to disagree with me. even when they say it's not, it is always about money. melissa: first after a two-day hiatus, let's look at market headlines. wall street swung back into gear on the first day of trading since superstorm sandy. stocks were choppy throughout the session. they closed mixed throughout the day. dow closed down 10 points. home depot closed higher on the dow. expected demand of home and construction suppli sent shares up 2%. that makes sense. facebook shares tumbled 4%. a lockup expired on 229 million shares today. another 804 million shares will become unlocked on november 14th. >>> lots of damage to assess. the president just spoke after touring new jersey with governor chris christie today. while super storm sandy continues on its path of destruction the area northeast of pittsburgh is the latest to get hit. leaving c
, new york city mayor michael bloomberg promising that most of the burroughs power will be returned by midnight tonight. but any progress on that front has been severely undercut by long lines again -- attestations the new york governor saying he signed an executive order waiving a requirement that fuel tankers register and pay taxes before unloading insisting his order we will help get gasoline to consumers faster. it is estimated that two-thirds of gasoline stations in new jersey and new york are not in business right now. however, it is little comfort for people stuck for long hours in long lines to with no guarantee that they will get gas at the end of that line. but some people, at least some are beginning to dry. this is a very serious and frustrating matter for literally millions of people in this region. turning now to benghazi, almost two months after the terrorist attack that killed four americans, the cia has released a new timeline, a timeline of its actions suggesting it played a larger role in trying to save those four americans. my next guest says it is time for this
decided that the new york city marathon would go ahead, even as services, basic services were being denied hundreds of thousands of new york residence. well, that has changed. there won't be a marathon. end of next week, former united nations ambassador john bolton joins us. @%arles schwab chief investment strategist, and eltion day lineup of all stars. so be with us. next, a shocking report on the union election spending. say it's not so. that's next. ♪ first day at school. what's in there? he's about to fall over. just anything he might need. there's a box of tissues on the bottom and some band-aids; there's a wholfirst-aid kit, actually. mom, i can handle it from here. announc: you don't have to be perfect... bye-bye. have a great day. that's too much pressure. have the day you have. to be a perfect parent. yes! timothy: there are two people in the world who want you more than anything. they'll make some mistakes, but they will love you more than you can ever imagine. announcer: there are thousands of children in foster care who will take you just as you are. lou: in theface of risi o
the mayor had decided that the new york city marathon would go ahead, even as services, basic services were being denied hundreds of thousands of new york residence. well, that has changed. there won't be a marathon. end of next week, former united nations ambassador john bolton joins us. @%arles schwab chief investment strategist, and election day lineup of all stars. so be with us. next, a shocking report on the union election spending. say it's not so. that's next. ♪ lou: in the face of rising outrage, new york city mayor michael bloomberg forced to scrap the new york city marathon, pressure to cancel grew as news organizations, including fox reported on the devastation and the sense of betrayal felt by residents from s.i. and other parts of new york s.i. a also known as new york city's forgotten borough. >> fed up. fed up. this line, that line, what are we? is this america. >> no food. lou: -- >> he was trapped. >> know where to go, no clothes. >> people here are still hurting. they're still looking for people. it's crazy. >> note to -- nothing has been done here. >> you have no gas,
, there's growing outmajor over mayor bloomberg's decision to go ahead with the new york city marathon. it's a real scandal. we're into it. bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup pl, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign. looks good. [ male announcer ] fedex office. now save 50% on banners. >> new york city marathon will go on as scheduled on sunday. that's according to mayor michael bloomberg. >> people said you shouldn't run the marathon. there's an awful lot of small businesses that depends on these people, we have to have an economy, there are lots of people that have come here, it's a great event for new york and i think if-- for those who were lost, you know, you've got to believe they would want us to have an economy an
be running dry. the leader of one of these communities, new york city councilman from coney island. thank you for joining us on the phone. we were just reporting on in hearing about the fact that fema is running out of money. what does that mean to you? >> it's a big problem here in coney island and see haven and brighton beach. holmes had been washed away. people have been displaced. zima is going to have to decide what they have to do. congress is going to have to come together and allocate more money. in new york city i am also the finance chairman of the new york city council, and just this week we allocated $500 million because 300 million for health and hospital corporation the 200 million for school construction authority so we can rebuild schools and hospitals that have been displaced, bellevue and coney island. melissa: do you think it makes sense to rebuild in the same spot? that was the theme of this segment we did before you. federal tax dollars are going to have to come in and replace what has been devastated. in the future the you think that same kind of insurance, federal insur
to the supply crunch. steven schork from the schork report is here with all the answers. >>> new york city is just beginning to recover from the storm but some businesses refused to their doors are making a killing. that is so new york. i will talk to one restaurant owner who hasn't stopped serving three meals a day to many more people he could have ever expected. even when they say it's not it is always about money melissa: first let's take a look at the day's market headlines the bulls coming out strong to kick off november. a series of strong economic reports today helped boost investor optimism. the dow posted its biggest gain since september 13th, closing up 136 points. >>> building supplier masco was one of the biggest winners on the day. its shares rallied nearly 7% fueled by an expected spike in construction demand after superstorm sandy. >>> in after-hours action shares of linkedin are leaping. the professional social network beat third quarter earnings estimates on top and bottom line. linkedin upped full-year revenue guidance. >> one thing we truly need, we need more fuel. so we
to fill up for home generators. as many as half of all gas stations in and around new york city are shut down because they are either out of fuel or don't have electricity with those lucky enough to have fuel, even more waiting as commuters spent hours in traffic jams waiting to get into new york city in many cases were hours long with new york city transit systems partially running. they wrapped around the block several times, forcing the buses to come into manhattan. lots of people coming in on foot. that was the way to go. lori: i heard old fallen trees. i melissa: it was fun. lori: so far, so good. at least in the city. melissa: all right, speaking of gas lines, let's take a look at trading on the cme. after unexpected drop last week fox business contributor in the pits of the cme. if sandy is still part of the equation? >> you bet it is. here and across the country. obviously got a nice boost for u.s. supplies because of course he really trying to rebound from the loss of supplies but if you look between the prin brent cru, they cannot send their oil. you have a lot of these tankers
travel site for $1.8 billion. it is their lucky day. >>> let the rationing begin. new york city and long island now imposing alternate day gas rationing, are you kidding me? 11 days after the storm slammed the east coast, giant gas lines continue to plague the region. new york city mayor bloomberg said just this morning only a quarter of the city's gas stations are even open at this point. adam shapiro joins me from a hess station in manhattan. adam, i canot believe we still have this problem. >> yeah, believe it. take a look. i want to show you something live. we'll pan over to the line ofars that have gotten into queue to get gasoline. emergency vehicles andthis verizon truck is getting to cut, because if you're working to restore some infrastructure that got knockedut by the storm they're letting you get in. the line is much better today with even odd rationing. only 30 minute wait. we're at 34th street. we're stretching down to 40th street. it has been that way all day long. ben is my photographer. here is the gas station. people many coming in all day long. tanker trucks bringing ga
to come together with the senate and allocate more money. in new york city i'm also the finance chairman of the new york city council and just this week we allocated $500 million, 300 million for health an hospitals corporation and 200 million for schools construction authority so we can rebuild our schools and the hospitals that have been displaced. bellview and cone any island. melissa: do you think it makes sense to rebuild in the same spot? that was sort of the theme of the segment that we did before you? we're talking about the fact that federal tax dollars will have to come in and you know, replace what has been devastated there you about in the future do you think that same kind of insurance, federal insurance that encourages people to build in these spots makes sense? >> well, many of these buildings we have no choice but to rebuild because they're already there. what we have to do is we have to build smarter, wiser, and we can't, we have to watch out how high we build on the water. we may want to use steel walls instead of cop create walls. and we have to really maybe, build san
helicopters that is to pluck people from rooftops in some new york city neighborhood, new york governor cuomo said limited come outer rai outer ral service h resumed. some commuter trains are still without power, some trashes washed away. the water making the important decision, amtrak service on north east corridor is mostly suspected. stranded air travelers get something relief, two of new york city's three major airports are open, njk and newark liberty, laguardia we heard, will hope tomorrow morning. african selling 20,000 flights since sunday, -- after counselling 20,000 flights since sunday, limit service are up again. the clean up of floods continues, rescue tradings on going. and mayor of hoboken issking people to bring boats to city hall to help rescue stranded residented. national guard bringing food and helping with evacuations, testimony take days, and weeks and months for the clean up process across regn, we go to fox news jonathan hunt, live in hoboken, new jersey, across the river from lower manhattan. >> reporter: it is a desperate situation for many here in hoboken, what happ
for people acting on it, but thanks a lot, good to see you. new york, new york city and long island rationing gasoline. right here in the northeast drivers want to know when this madness will end. a live report on that. and the move to legalize pot, colorado and washington opened up new money for the tourism industry. we will get into that. "markets now," let's take a look at one of the big markets we're always monitoring. crude oil, mid-80s, stocks are coming back a little bit after that. and we will be coming back a little bit on "markets now." looking for a better place to put your ca? here's one you may not have thought of -- fidelity. now you don't have to go to a bank to get the things you want from a bank, like no-fee atms, all over the world. free checkwriting and mobile deposits. now depositing a check is as easy as taking a picture. free online bill payments. a highly acclaimed credit card with 2% cash bk into your fidelity account. open a fidelity cash management account today and discover another reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. connell: breaking news as we come bac
frustration is the only thing to be found in some stations. 75 percent of gas stations in new york city are empty. as a result the york city mayor michael bloomberg and officials have decided to start rationing gas, rationing gas in new york city. this is unbelievable. we are 11 days after sandy. i cannot believe this is still going on. stay with us. what makes the sleep number store different? you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. we have so much technolo in our store to really you can see a little more pressure in the shoulders and in the hips. ... now you can feel what happens as we raise your sleep number setting and allow the bed to contour to your individual shape. oh, wow. that feels really good. at sleep number we've created a collection of innovations dedicated to individualizing your comfort. the sleep number collection, designed around the innovative sleep number bed - a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the exact comfort your body needs. each of your bodies. so whatever you feel like, sleep number's going to provide it
, in this case, the big push was on gasoline because of the proximity to new york city, and we have three travel centers in close proximity to new york city, and all of them were down a max a day because of power, and then we had generators brought in and they all have gasoline and obviously sold a tremendous amount of gasoline the last four or five days. liz: we had a reporter at one of your travel centers, and your general manager there was just brilliant. he had everything under control, and it just seemed -- and i was looking at the research on your company. and it in essence, you guys often say, i think your symbol is be prepared for anything. jump ahead. don't just wait for something to happen. and it appears that you have run this company precisely for crises like this, and my next question is, were these generators gasoline powered, or were they natural gas? and will all of your gas stations at some point have these generators >> we probably will not. it is a substantial cost to put generators in on the front end. i know there's been in a lot of news why not stores, whether convenience s
speech in new york city, but it is what he said after the speech getting all the attention. next. gerri: federal reserve chairman ben bernanke speaking today at the new york economic club in new york city, and his message to lawwakers in washington, fix the fiscal cliff and don't kick the can down the road. the commons the fed chief has everybody talking. john, always great to see you. i want you to respond to something the fed chairman had to say this afternoon. listen to this. >> in a worst-case scenario where the economy goes off the broad fiscal cliff, the largest fiscal cliff, don't think the fed has the tools to offset that. gerri: don't look at me, can't do anything if you can't avoid the fiscal cliff. what did you make of that? speak of the war is quite complicit dumb explicit. if the u.s. goes over the fiscal cliff, the jump in taxes would likely quickly push the u.s. economy into a recession and there is nothing the fed can do to prevent that from happening. gerri: it seems to have unloaded everything they have, the economy has to come back on its own now. >> they can do with
trucks they are furious the new york city marathon will be run. and assemblywoman says the governor should take the lead and another one said the mayor should get his stuff together. they're waiting for assistance. liz: is that the translation and you got? i ran the marathon. it paralyzes the city. we do not need that. this is mike commentary. list mcdonald is in new jersey. i cannot even believe they have it there. >> people are waiting to hours and the temperature is dropping people are showing up to get gas for their cars and generators. right about not having gasoline over the weekend. you can see the two mile-long stretch troopers are here to keep the peace. 11 men got hot coffee thrown in her face. i am standing europe said general manager. pilot has it going on. a generator and gas supplies. not just new jersey white can they come here? >> we offer service but also has a great team supplying us with the wall. >> to run your own refinery? >> we have multiple sources they're doing a great job to supply us. >> when did the line begin? >> 36 hours and has been like this continuou
, and destruction caused by hurricane sandy. you are looking at is the small new york city community of breezy point, queens, home after home, burned to the ground. more than 100 houses reduced to ash, breezy point, one of many east coast communities devastated. by the superstorm. at least 62 storm-related deaths have been reported since sandy made landfall in southern enginemenmentnewjersey. 71 pearished in the caribbean. and national largest city is still struggling to begin to recover. large swaths of downtown manhattan are still underwater. and battery tunnel is filled with water. there are no estimates on when it will be pumped dry. across the hudson, in hoboken, national guard there, working to evacuate 20,000 rez dent 20 rese been without power for two days, and streets emerged. and destruction along jersey shore, agonizing to rehold. the resort town, off limits tonight even residents cannot enter, hurricane blowing many of the million-dollar homes off their foundations. and broken gas lines. adding more obstacles to what will be a long-running recovery, 6 million people still in the dark acr
have been sent off in the normal amount. con edison, covering most of new york city, has said that they will get customers the money back from the days that they were powerless. another one for the private sector, well, if you are con ed anyway, a growing number of republican leaders are saying that times have changed and the party is trying to reach middle-class voters. what do we make of this overall talk? michael goodwin is here with us today. what do you make of this? i mean, it would make sense if they were nervous after what happened. but what you do about it? >> i think to find a solution, we first need to understand the problem. when we look at the numbers, the defeat of the republican party was not massive. it was not across the country. it was not wild. for example, in the electoral college, the president ran away with it. there were four key swing states that he won. ohio, florida, virginia, and colorado, by a combined total of 300 30,000 votes. now, had mitt romney won those states, we would be talking about what a genius he was. in fact, any other democrat would h
in. neil: today in new york city, protesting outside a number of mcdonald's. but, they want to unionize mcdonald's, can you imagine the price of burgers and fries. >> they will do the same thing to mcdonald's as they did to hostess, and they are trying with walmart too. what happened to free market, it used to mean free from government interference. neil: you have lost way too much weight, you are so cut, you are prince valiant of law. neil: you are my idol. >> -- >> you are my idol. neil: i found the weight you lost. >> you look terrific. >> thank you. neil: business leaders are lining up for white house meetings like planes at la gardia, but do you only get in, if you have already thrown money into democratic campaigns, charlie gasparino with who gets in and why. after this. and waiting in line. i don't have to leave my desk and get up and go to the post office anymore. [ male announcer ] with, you can print real u.s. postage for all your letters and packages. it gives you the exact amount of postage you need the instant you need it. can you print only stamps? n
government expenses, but that is okay. good news for new york city in the midst of all of this. not a single person was reported shot, stabbed or slashed. police officials said they cannot remember the last time that happened. the murder rate is been so low in new york city at the city is on track to record 00 murders this year. the fewest in half a century. a sharp contrast of the foreigners 62 murders so far in chicago. one-third the size of new york. the math is pretty straightfoard. and the hits just keep coming for the environmental protection agency. temporarily banning the oil giant from bidding on new contracts with the federal government. the epa blaring the lack of integrity and criminal proceedings gainst the company stemming from the 2010 deport arise in diiaster. earlier this month agreed to pay a record four and a half billion dollars to resolve a justice department criminal investigation of the gulf spill. up next, present bama is not at the negotiatng table, no schedule for negotiating on the president's schedule, just about 30 days until the fiscal cliff arrives. the "a-tea
in much of new york city for the first time since sandy crippled the nation's largest transit system. service is limited. that is the case for commuter trains as well. police are enforcing carpooling and bridges into the city. bleeding lines of traffic rushing for miles. after canceling more than 20,000 flights from all three of the major new york area airports are open for business. la guardia opened today with a reduced schedule after having two of its runways flooded by sandy. what a mess. new estimates show just how about the economic damage could be from sandy. according to the forecasting firm, the chastity is $50 billion high. they originally said $20 billion. it is actually more than double. widespread power outages will push the costs higher than the typical storm and the loss of business activity. we are going to hear more from the coast guard coming up. right now, we are going to go to staten island and representative michael graham is on the phone for us. congressman, we have been watching pictures from your district, staten island, for days now. how is it going there? ar
again in new york city. you had part of the bus service running in connecticut and will be completely running by the end of the day. we use the word restoration to define what we are doing. the right word is these are people risking their own lives in many cases at the beginning of this disaster relief who were there on the ground helping people in any way that they can. they are providing assistance and our members work for the freight railroads. giving them generators, giving them supplies to make sure the system can be back up and running. connell: along the shore area that have been hit so hard, it will take a much much longer time. thank you, sir, appreciate it. >> thank you. dagen: hoboken new jersey, one of the hardest hit communities in this store. the national guard is on-site and so is jeff flock who will report for you live. connell: we will go to hoboken to see what they have been able to do the last couple days. steve will talk about what all of this means for the presidential election next week. it is all straight ahead on "market now." take a look at treasuries today.
york city. when the president comes to new york on is gridlock even on a sunny day. new york is are equipped with traffic because there is no mass transit. everybody who has to be in new york is in the car. >> a lot of them are very annoyed at chris christie for doing this. i was look at it as, you know, you are trying to help the people in your state. the president has the connections to get the money. thanks to whatever their relationship was or is. that money came "fast and furious." the president comes down and helps the city that is under water. >> our mayor is also right. i normally don't agree with them. i don't like you know into things. [talking over each other] neil: i agree with you and all that stuff, but by the way, it is not difficult to hear. you could say that both gentlemen showed the proper spot in the face of this. i don't read all this political intrigue. i will say a bloomberg that he could have found it maybe in a nicer way to insult the president? >> is a matter of fact kind of guy. maybe he is dreaming of watching you for 11 hours on election night. >>
put it. this would be like i was mayor of new york unless somebody blew a hole in city hall and i decided no need extra protection of city hall and is blown up four months later. the people would throw me out, impeach me, they would say i was incompetent. you blow a hole in this consulate and that consulate doesn't get extra protection something is wrong, the president has not been required to answer this. neil: what do you think of the ignorant excuse? i wasn't aware. pity he wasn't, hillary clinton said we were not conveying this to the white house. is ignorance and excuse? >> ignorance should be grounds for resignation. if you can have a hole drilled in the wall of a consulate a very sensitive part of the world and the president of the united states don't find out about it, the whole national security apparatus is a disaster. neil: stick around, we will have more rudy giuliani after this. these are fast breaking developments but you get an idea why we're paying attention it is almost as if a lot of security wraps jumping ship, they are expreesing exacerbation with what they say
night across atlantic city and as we head northbound, new york is going to be dealing cold temperatures, 29 degrees, very chilly out there. many people still without power and shelter. and 30 degrees will be low tonight and storm coming up thursday. >> neil: thank you very much. the power is back in virginia. utility crews in that state is heading north and bob mcdonald is the governor of virginia, donating $50,000 to help in recovery efforts. governor, it's good to have you. thank you. >> tay, we're going to have the power back on and we got 1600 people, utility workers going to new jersey and new york to help out. >> neil: you have been relentless helping out and juggling campaign duties. i don't know if you heard rick leventhal talk to chris christie whether the governor was too friendly, too cozy, i'm paraparaphrasi, but on the bottom line he is still a romney guy and still suppo romney. believes the president was very helpful in dealing with this mess in w jery. that is the line should be drawn and enough of this debate. what do you think? >> i think when you have natural disasters
new york city, long island, up towards new england. some snow totals are quite impressive. one of our computer models indicating over six inches in some of these spots. impacts heading into the overnight, rain heavy at times. some will mix along the coastline. we could see freezing rain, sleet. it will be a nasty ride home, a nasty commute ride home. winds up to 65 miles an hour. heavy know in the interior mountains. we'll have to head in the forecast next several hours. it is now casting instead of forecasting. look at eight inches for trenton, new jersey. five inches for new york city. up towards connecticut, 4 1/2 inches. this is one of our computer models did. we could see impressive snow totals for this time of year. winter weather advisories up along the coast battered by hurricane sandy up towards new england. unfortunately this is bad situation. if it was run of i will in northeaster without sandy yeah we could deal with it. we dealt with it with it before. everything is fragile. including people without homes, people without power. temperatures below freezing tonight. that is
. connell: president obama is about to or arrive in new york city, he will be toward the area hardest hit by hurricane sandy and all the pictures for for use throughout the day and when the president arrives, five our energy, the founder is here and questions brought up and reports linking of a product to the number of deaths. the founder of the company gets a chance to respond coming up this hour. you don't want to miss that. let's take a look at the winners today on the s&p 500. >> announcer: you never know when, buthieves can steal your identity and turn your life upside down. >> hi. >> hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. >> you just read my mind. >> announcer: just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock to relentlessly protect what matters most... [beeping...] helping stop crooks before your identity is attacked. and now you can have the most comprehensive identity theft protection available today... lifelock ultimate. s
? >> there will be a owners board meeting here in new york city on wednesday. it is never good federal mediators step away from both sides saying we're done. we can't do anything. the meeting with owners will foretell what potentially could be happening between both sides. lori: i don't mean to be so down on the nhl but who are the stars? think of wayne gretzky, mario lemieux. >> he hasn't played in a while. lori: that's my point, who are the active stars? the league is not doing anything to generate interest in the u.s. why should we care is they're having labor troubles. >> my former employer doesn't have rights to the nhl, if they better or worse controls a lot of sports conversation. when espn is not paying attention to the nhl --. lori: because they didn't want to pay for the nhl. >> they made a business decision that is not worth it to us. when they're not having regular conversations with highlights or roundtables shows dethe voted to the nhl, the national conversation is not happening. that is very bad thing. lori: ripple effect for economy. hotel industry in buffalo particularly losing $2 million
york city, a sign hanging on an office door infuriating victims ever sandy who say they're the ones hung out to dry. and fema says it made the move because of conditions were unsaffe. no power, no heat, no water, no help, no way. now some lawmakers want billions more for fema? some here on the panel to say no way. ben stein, charles payne, gerri willis along with adam lashinsky, and saying give them 15 billion more. >> 14 billion more, but not to fema, it's the wrong place to put it. it's a mess and owes 18 billion dollars from hurricane katrina. i mean, this is an agency that cannot manage itself. the inspector general wrote a long report last year saying the agency is mismanaged, it doesn't have systems in place that can talk to states. they can't talk to each other, they don't have the right computers in place and let me tell you, they are maning more disasters all the time. president obama has called more disasters than any other president in the last 20 years. fema is not the organization. give it to the local states, they're the people who can make these decisions and spend th
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